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If you are searching for the best pregnancy pillow in 2020 on google and try to find the best rated pregnancy pillow for yourself that meets all your needs, even if you are at 1, 2, or 3rd trimester.

Then let me tell you that, you are definitely in the right place.

This In-Depth “Top 10 best pregnancy Pillows 2020” Guide will assist you in choosing the best pregnancy pillow that is suitable for you to get the best comfort.

Don’t worry, if you don’t know the parameters you should have to evaluate the pregnancy pillow, or how to choose the best pillow that helps you during these 9 months, or even after pregnancy.

Top 10 Best Pregnancy Pillow

You heard it right. You don’t need to worry because we did tons of research, collected feedback from moms, checked online reviews to prepare this Unique Guide.

So that you don’t have to spend a lot of time to evaluate the best maternity body pillow for yourself.

We also wrote a separate review on each pregnancy pillow so that, after selecting the pillow you can read more on it to make a final decision.

So, let get started?

10 Top Rated And Best Pregnancy Pillow of 2020

All the pregnancy pillows look the same and design for the same purpose, to support your body. Well, you are wrong!

These are designed to reduce the stress and target special part of your body that will feel pain/stress during pregnancy, Even though all the pregnancy pillows kind of look the same ( Different Types of Pregnancy Pillows ), but little change in their shape affects a lot.

I know, making a decision is a little tough, which shape is best for you, that’s why we filter out 10 best pregnancy pillows based upon the details of the fabric is made, support that they are going to provide and which kind of stress/pain is going to reduce.

I’m certain that you’ll make the right decision after reading this guide. Let’s cut the chase and dive in!

1.) PharMeDoc Pregnancy Body Pillow:-

U shaped pregnancy pillows are designed to provide support to your neck, head, back, belly, hips, and knees, which means all parts of the body that seek support during pregnancy period. That why we call them full-body Pregnancy Pillow.

PharMeDoc U shaped pillow gets #1 on our list “Best Pregnancy Pillow of 2020”, due to its compact design and the great comfort it offers.

The manufacturer specifically states how they have designed this product to focus on helping pregnant women, with back pain in mind.

Since pregnant women exclusively feel a strain on their lower back as the pregnancy advances towards the third trimester, this pillow is designed to serve as great comfort.

You can sleep on your back with-in this u shape without having any issue, and you can even sleep on your side,

by placing the one side of the pillow between your legs to reduce the back pain by distributing your weight all over the body.

Check out this, How To Use U Shaped Body Pillow, to get most out of this pillow.

Placing any pillow between legs can reduce the sciatica nerve pain. but all pillows are not primarily designed for this purpose. If you have sciatica pain, then you should go with specially design pillows. Have a look at this list Best Pregnancy Pillow for Sciatica.

You can also check here how this pregnancy pillow helps you in this situation: Do Pregnancy Pillows Help With Sciatica?

The good thing about this pillow is that it comes in eight color shades – blue, mint, pink grey and light grey, etc.

It contains an adjustable polyfill material that is durable for the longest periods and does not flatten with use over time.

It is enclosed in a soft to touch, 100% jersey-knit cotton cover.

But if you want higher quality fabric, then go for Leachco Back ‘N Belly Maternity.

With this amazing pillow, your value for money will directly convert into comfort.

From a maintenance point of view, it comes with zipper cover along its length that lets you slide the cover off easily. This zippered cover makes the whole cleaning process very easy. It is also machine washable, which makes it perfect for pregnant moms.

The pillow cover is hypoallergenic which is great for people with allergies or sensitive respiratory systems. It also contains zero phthalates, latex or lead and is BPA free, which again is great for you if you think you have sensitive skin.

Another good news is that this pillow comes with a Travel Bag, which means you can take the pillow with you wherever you want.

The good thing is, it’s very lightweight. So, we can say, its a travel pregnancy pillow.

The best thing I like in this top rated pregnancy pillow is that I don’t have to wake up in the middle of the night to adjust myself with pillows.

The pillow comes with a removable leg extension.

This means that you can remove one side of the pillow to make it J-shape, or you can even use this as an extension for extra neck or belly support.

The features of this pillow do not end here. You can even continue to use it after the delivery of your baby. like, use it as a backrest or a prop up while you breastfeed to keep the strain off your back.

The only downside of the pillow is that it doesn’t hug/snuggle you.

There are a lot of other pillows in the market that you can snuggle, and they provide you more coziness and softness for good sleep. Check out our #3 product.

Also, everyone has a different taste, for example, some women feel suffocated when they hug or snuggle to something, So for that kind of woman, C Shaped pillow is the best choice.

That I’m going to explain in the next product.

This pillow provides overall body support. This feature makes it a great choice for anyone looking to correct their sleeping positions or for women who are recovering from labor or C-section.

No wonder the manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty. So, what else do you want in this excellent pillow, click the above link  to buy this fantastic pillow that is specially designed keeping in mind all your needs?

2.) Leachco Snoogle Original Pregnancy Pillow:

Leachco is one of the best pregnancy pillow 2020 on our list; this is the most selling and best rated pregnancy pillow out there. But this is not the only reason that brings Leachco Snoogle on #2.

It is on our #2 position because It is durable, supportive, comfortable, made with high-quality fabric, and developed by a registered nurse and a mom.

This pillow comes in C shape, which helps pregnant women to support their growing belly, back neck, and also support their hips at the same time.

The higher loft gives proper neck and head support for sleeping on the sides, whereas the rest of the part support your back and belly for great sleep.

The C shape pillow is a lifesaving pillow for the side sleeper, like me, who loves to sleep on the side.

Note: – I want to highlight one thing about the C shape. It does not always come in a proper C shape. There is always some small change in design, like the gap between higher and lower loft is a little bit large to meet the need of the mom.

Check our list of the Best C Shaped pregnancy pillow. And decide which C shape is perfect for you before making your final decision.

With a dimension of 60 × 25 inches, and 7 inches tall, this pillow is a good pillow for any stage of pregnancy,

and also gives upright support for nursing and lounging when the time arrives.

I would also like to share with you another unique feature of this pillow that you can take advantage of it in several ways by twisting, folding, and reversing it so it can fit your support requirements.

It is also an everyday pillow for individuals who are searching for body pillow support to assist in reducing discomfort from surgery or injury as it can assist in holding your body in position while giving a chance for full relaxation.

It has a cotton-poly cover, which is machine washable.

But It’s quite challenging to remove and replace, but you can buy a zippered cover to replace the original.

The only downside of this pregnancy pillow is that it does not come with a travel bag, Secondly, it’s a little slim but provides great comfort. Not suited for mom, who like the big pregnancy pillow

Women who like big size pillow in C shape, to hug them, are highly recommended to check  PharMeDoc C Shaped Pregnancy Body Pillow. It has a 30-inch width and a 62-inch length and is adjustable. It gives you excellent rest for the whole night.

If you want to continue to read how you can get the best out of Leachco pillow, I would recommend you to read this Guide: How To Use C Shaped Pregnancy Pillow.

But if you made your decisions and ready to buy the pillow, then Click the above link to get the best offer on the Leachco Snoogle pillow.

3.) Moonlight Slumber Comfort U Pregnancy Pillow:

The coziest pillow that we can talk about that snuggle your body for a great night’s sleep is Comfort U Pregnancy. This fantastic pregnancy pillow is as grand as the name suggests.

It is made in the USA, and it is designed to give optimal custom support to anyone who uses it.

It wraps the whole body and can conform to any shape you want because it’s moldable.

If you have any issue with your neck, spine, shoulder, or pelvis, then this pillow is your best bet.

It’s exceptional design assists in body posture alignment, thereby reducing the hip, neck, and back pain.

Also, it helps in regulating the temperature of your body and improving circulation. This pillow is an excellent option for the backside as well as a side sleeper

That is why we have it as our #3 on our list of the best pregnancy pillow 2020.

Note: One thing I want to highlight for backside sleeper is that don’t sleep on or wake up straight when you sleep propped up. It can hurt you as well as your baby.

For more in-depth information, check out this informative guide: Is It Safe To Sleep Propped Up While Pregnant?

Created from high-quality synthetic corn, cradle yourself in full comfort while you lie between this Comfort-U pillow. Enjoy this odorless, hypoallergenic material that gives protection from dust mites.

It comes with synthetic downs fillings, which attribute to its hypoallergenic and odorless features.

Check out our Comfort U Total Body Support Pillow Review, to learn more about its fabric.

Another great thing is that it is easy for you to maintain it because of it being machine washable

Although you will need a big machine to accommodate its massive size, this should not make you fret. You can alternatively remove and wash its zippered outer cover instead.

The only downside of this pillow is, that it weighs 10 pounds, and looking at its size, It can be quite uneasy moving around with it within rooms or travel with it; especially if you are a petite or short person (try our #5 product if you are a petite woman).

If you need a pregnancy pillow that you can still use after delivery, then this pregnancy pillow will likely be too bulky.

But, overall, this pregnancy pillow can hug and snuggle you quite comfortable and provide excellent good night sleep during the third trimester. If you are looking for a good price to save some bucks, then click on our link above to get a discount on it.

4.) Boppy Slipcovered Pregnancy Support Pillow:

Boppy Slipcovered is another best rated pregnancy pillow out there. It gets #4 on our list due to its unique design and multipurpose design.

It is crafted with the assistance of a physical therapist who is a specialist, with a special focus on assisting pregnant women who prefer sleeping on the side during pregnancy.

One unique feature of this pregnancy pillow is that it’s actually produced with three separate pieces that are detachable,

to provide women with the ability to create a pillow that works uniquely in order to meet their needs.

For example, a flatter pillow is for the belly section, while the pillow on the leg side is created to assist with a hip strain.

We can say, a Boppy pillow is a contoured pillow that is crafted to fit in the human natural body lines.

The pillow can be easily arranged by anyone when they move the Velcro sections.

Adding to the fact that it provides support to your belly or back depending on which side you put it on, this pregnancy pillow can easily be cleaned.

Apart from so much flexibility, you still can’t use it as a stomach sleeper. It is designed to support your growing belly but not good for sleeping on the stomach.

If you are like my friend, Maria, who is addicted to sleeping on the stomach, then I recommend you to check our #7 product.

You can wash this whole pillow in your washing machine.

Because it’s created with 100% polyester fiber filler, it tends to go flat with time.

After some months, several women noticed that the pillow flattened, thereby forcing them to frequently fluff out or rearrange the stuffing so it can be supportive and comfortable.

One other thing which isn’t really good about this pillow is the fact that the velcro can be a little bit noisy and also easily becomes unfastened.

But all said this pregnancy pillow is an amazing product for what it does and because of which I’ll recommend it to any pregnant woman.

What else would you want in this multi-feature and unique design pillow that’s going to help you in getting comfortable sleep? So, click on the link below, to give yourself a beautiful gift.

5.) Dreamgenii Body Pillow For Pregnant Moms:

Dreamgenii pregnancy pillow is a 2-in-1 pregnancy pillow which you can use during the pregnancy, and also after pregnancy, as a feeding pillow for newborn babies.

Whether it’s the feeling of restlessness or facing difficulty in finding the right position to fall asleep in, fatigue or back/leg pain, this uniquely designed pillow is another great pillow for resolving all those problems.

It has a quite different design that caters to four important segments of your body that bright it up on position #4 on the list of best pregnancy pillows.

The long end provides support and comfort to your baby bump, legs, knees, and ankles

The head-rest helps you rest your head and neck while the extended end supports your back.

The fabric and material are soft and plush, adding to that awesome comfort feeling one gets when you are all snuggled in against this pillow.

If you’re a petite or short person, you might feel reluctant to invest in full-body pillows.

Some women also feel suffocated or do not find pillows that take up too much space to be comfortable at all for them. This pillow might be the answer to their worries.

However, if you are tall and well built, even then, it’s designed to adjust to your body, leaving no part of you hanging outside the pillow coverage.

It is good enough to serve as a very comfortable neck pillow as well.

Many other pregnancy pillows do not take this factor into account, and women complain about how the edges of the pillow can be hard and dig into their necks, causing discomfort.

The length of the pillow helps with the positioning of the legs, so you can bend them comfortably as the body reduces the pressure built-up inside them, allowing you relief from leg or knee pain.

Follow our full Dreamgenii Pregnancy Pillow Review to understand how you can get the best from it.

Size-wise – this pillow is just great. It does not take up a lot of space on your bed, which matters especially if you sleep with your partner.

The plush and soft material can provide comfort to your partner as well. The cover comes off and is easily washable in the machine.

The color available is simple and elegant which means it’ll contrast with generally any décor.

So what happens to it once the baby has arrived? Sure, you don’t need it for the same physical comfort to your bump it provided you earlier,

but it still serves the purpose of providing support, something to snuggle in, as you sleep or even while you sit.

It can be readjusted and propped up to provide great support while breastfeeding.

It is also overall great for sleeping for anyone. One can watch TV and simply relax in it. Another great thing is that it’s long-lasting.

If you are searching for the best price then click on our link to buy this pillow for our verified seller.

6.) Cozy Bump Good Body Pillow For Pregnancy

When I think of a perfectly crafted pregnancy pillow for a stomach sleeper lover, the best body pillow for women that comes to my mind straight away is Cozy Bump. This pregnancy pillow allows pregnant women to lay on their belly comfortably.

There’s a circular opening which is towards the center of the pillow to position your bump. The objective is to decompress the spine along with relieving pressure on your back as you lay on your belly.

The height of this pillow is broken down into chambers or layers.

The initial layer is 7″, and the second inflatable layer (around the circular opening) is 2.5″ when it’s totally inflated. This pregnancy pillow is so long that most individuals can fit their whole-body length on it, – its dimensions are 72″ × 28″ × 9.5″.

You’ll require an inflator or electric pump (comes with pillow) to fill this pillow’s two chambers.

The main chamber covers most of the pillow, and the other chamber is a small and round section that is around the open area. This will enable you to adjust this pillow to how you’re comfortable using it while lying on it.

Note: Every woman like the different style and fabric that’s why we created another list of the best pregnancy pillow for stomach sleeper,

Check it out,  which ones suit you or which one you want to buy, that made with fabric or fill with air.

This face down pregnancy pillow also arrives with a Cozy Bump swaddle, which is a thin piece of linen/cotton which you lay over the Cozy Bump’s opening to enable you to support your belly as you lie on it.

The whole pillow is made using PVC, which is cadmium-free, azo-free, and phthalate-free, according to the manufacturing company.

You will find that there is a raised central bump, which provides gentle pressure in order to relieve hip and lower back pain and get good rest.

Also, Chiropractors and OB/GYN doctors have approved the Cozy Bump as a pregnancy pillow, so be sure that you’ll be getting a product of high-quality.

Buy this good body pillow for pregnancy from our verified seller by clicking our Link.

7.) Boppy Side Sleeper Pregnancy Body Pillow

Looking for the best pregnancy pillow that only supports your back and belly, then you are at the right place. Our #7 product is perfectly crafted for that. The ultimate goal of this pillow, as the name indicates, is to help a pregnant woman sleep on her side.

Pregnant women struggle with finding comfortable positions since the growing belly causes a strain on the lower back, causing an additional strain on the back and the legs.

The Boppy side-sleeper consists of two extremely soft compact-sized pillows joined together through a stretchy panel.

So technically, whether you’re pregnant or not, if you suffer from a stiff back, back strain, or even backache, you can use this pillow to sleep and attain a comfortable sleeping experience.

The first thing that will catch your attention when you come across this pregnancy pillow is how compact and simple it is.

Yet the support and uses it offers are versatile and quite honestly, depend on how creative you can get with this pillow.

Another thing that you will like about this pillow is how soft and plush the cover is.

It is stretchy in the middle too. This is a great feature since women of different body types can easily use it without any hassle. However, you may face a more difficult time if you are used to sleeping on your stomach even before pregnancy.

The growing baby bump already gets in the way, and other additional discomforts add to lack of sleep.

That is why our #7 ranked pregnancy pillow is for those that are looking to get themselves accustomed to sleeping comfortably on their sides without experiencing back pain or lack of quality sleep.

The 100% polyester filling gives adequate support to your baby bump and back. You can comfortably transition from back to side sleeping with constant support.

The stretch panel keeps the pillows in place. It even accommodates you as your belly grows, giving you a good night’s sleep. 

Want to explore its more feature, then check our full Boppy Side Sleeper Pillow Review

Expecting mothers and new moms will appreciate how easy it is to wash and maintain the Boppy pillow.

There’s a zip along the side of the body pillow, and the cover comes right off. It is machine washable. The two pillows come apart as well. You can throw in all the three items in the machine, and it comes out clean as new.

Buy this pregnancy pillow if you feel suffocated when something snuggles you. And, want something that only supports your back and belly, the try Boppy, checks out the latest price of the pillow

8.) ComfiLife Orthopedic Knee Pillow:-

Don’t go by the looks of this pillow. Every pillow that’s on our list of the best pregnancy pillow has some great reasons, and they beat a lot of other good pregnancy pillows to come up in this list.

We chose this ComfiLife Orthopedic Pillow because whereas many women have a smooth pregnancy where they hardly face any pains or out of the ordinary discomforts.

However, around the third trimester, almost every woman complains about Knee pain and sciatic never pain.

For some of you who are sciatic or arthritis patients, knee pains might be a common part of your life. However, with pregnancy, this pain may trouble you more than before.

That’s why this best maternity pillow for sleeping is designed to help you.

This Orthopedic pillow also gets #1 on our list of the best pregnancy pillow for sciatica pain.

This pillow has been structured in such a way that it fits snuggly between your knees, reducing the weight of your hips and legs that usually fall directly on your knees locked together when you sleep on your sides.

It also reduces the pressure on your lower back

With your knees and hips aligned, it also helps you keep your spine aligned so as to boost your energy, give you better sleeping posture, and maximum destressing as you sleep your best.

For pregnant women who may be suffering from arthritis or just from lower limb swelling as a result of pregnancy,

this serves as a great option for restful sleep and good comfort throughout the night.

It is made from 100% premium quality durable memory foam that responds to your body’s heat and pressure, adjusting to the contours of your knee shape without going flat over a long time.

The cover is a cotton fabric that is the most breathable material in the market. With good airflow, you can comfortably use this pillow even during hot, humid summer nights.

The best that thing I like about this pregnancy pillow is that if you are not satisfied or have trouble using the product, the manufacturer offers a money-back guarantee. So, click the link below and give it a try. if you don’t like just return it.

9.) COMFYSURE Meiz 55 Body Pregnancy Pillow:

This is another top rated pregnancy pillow you’ll love to know about. It is on our #9 because it is fitted with high-density polyethylene filling and comes with a great looking soft velvet cover, providing you with a good share of comfort.

You will be pleasantly surprised to know that this pillow has a scent-free filling.

Meiz 55″ Body Pillow For Pregnant Moms has a highly durable outer cover which is hypoallergenic, and has improved brushed fabric.

It has an adjustable, extra soft, and odorless 7D hollow fiber filling which gives comfort for sleeping on the side and retains fluffiness for longer use and better performance.

This full-body pregnancy pillow is great for back pain relief and leg swelling. It prevents hypertension syndrome, pressure on the liver, and also helps get rid of turning and tossing.

It also gives great all over support to the hip, head, feet, knees, sides, and tummy.

This pillow is not only suitable for women who are pregnant, but also for every other individual. Dads can perhaps make use of it during bonding time or while moms are feeding their babies.

Its inner cover is a more durable & improved brushed fabric.

For the outer cover, it has a cooling cotton cover that has double zippers, is machine washable and breathable.

This pillow is crafted to follow your body’s curve shape irrespective of how you would like to sleep. Even though this pregnancy pillow was made for mothers, it can also be used by every individual.

It is fantastic for breastfeeding, laying on, watching TV, nursing, and reading. When you make use of this pregnancy pillow, a night of sweet and painless sleep is inevitable,

All this makes this Meiz Body Pillow a fantastic gift for soon-to-be mothers. So get ready to buy this Pillow that you can even use after pregnancy. by just click the link to buy from our verified seller.

10.) QUEEN ROSE Maternity Sleeping Pillow:

Now, the last pregnancy pillow out of the top 10 pregnancy pillows is QUEEN ROSE. It is a great maternity sleeping pillow that comes in U shape. It gets #3 position of our list of the best pregnancy pillow because the entire design of the body is created to be versatile for various needs.

It can be wrapped around to give support to the arm, can be folded for lounging, cradled for nursing, and definitely be used in several other ways to assist you in getting a good night’s peaceful rest.

The company has designed QUEEN ROSE Pillow particularly for supporting the pregnancy discomfort around the belly and back needs, and also suitable recovery.

When you sleep using QUEEN ROSE Pillow, your body is cradled by the pillow’s plush feel and gives you the chance to relax without straining your back or putting irrelevant pressure on joints.

That’s why this full body pregnancy pillow also gets #3 on our list of best U shaped pregnancy pillow.

According to Queen Rose, the dyes used to make their covers are “naturally free from any toxic substances and contaminants that could harm humans.

At the pillow’s top, there’s a zipper that lets you unzip and to remove the cover, so that you can easily wash it in a machine, and is good for line-drying.

Choosing this QUEEN ROSE  Pillow is a fantastic idea and is one of the top rated pregnancy pillows for mothers-to-be at any stage of their pregnancy. And also great for anyone else, who needs a supportive position for any form of recovery, that needs you to be in a particular position.

So get ready to buy the QUEEN Maternity Sleeping Pillow by clicking the link & get it from our verified seller.

What Do We Recommend?

We talked a lot about which pillow is best for you and even checked the downside of all the best pregnancy body pillows.

But if you still ask me which one is best body pillow while pregnant I will personally recommend you to go, then there is no doubt that I would like to recommend 3 excellent brands, Leachco, QUEEN ROSE, and PharMeDoc.

Well known brands in the world for designing the highest rated pregnancy pillow.

Why did I mention the brand and not exactly the product? Because everyone likes a different shape of pregnancy pillows, so the choice is yours.

If you still need help to come to a decision, then read these articles,

We, can’t review all the pregnancy pillows, that’s why we created a different list in which we further differentiate which pillow is best. So if you need further assistance, then I will strongly recommend you to check the below, according to your needs.

  1. Best pregnancy pillow for Stomach sleeper
  2. Best pregnancy pillow for sciatica Pain
  3. Best Pregnancy Pillow for Back Pain
  4. Best U  Shaped Pregnancy pillow
  5. Best C Shaped Pregnancy Pillow

So, now It’s your turn to tell us which Pregnancy Pillow you are planning to purchase and the reason why you chose it? Let’s help other moms-to-be also make the best choice.

Also, if you still have some questions for us with regards to choosing the best Pregnancy Pillow for you, reach out to us in the comments section.

Remember to share this guide with your family and friends because sharing is caring.

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