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This has also been commonly called the ‘Boppy Bump and Back’ pregnancy pillow. As the former name indicates, it’s a pregnancy pillow designed to support the baby bump and the back. The boppy side sleeper pregnancy pillow has been structured to contain two main supporting pillows with a stretch panel in between them to help them stay in place throughout the night. This pillow not only provides adequate support but comfort as well. And the good thing is that the cover is machine washable, which makes maintaining process very easy. Still, a lot more features to explore in the pillow, So Keep reading our Boppy side sleeper pillow review.

  • Easy Of Use 90% 90%
  • Comfort 95% 95%
  • Maintenance 93% 93%
  • Price and Longevity 80% 80%


  • A great option for side sleeping
  • Suitable for all body types
  • Require less storage space
  • Multipurpose pillow
  • Affordable and easy to wash


  • Not everyone’s first choice
  • Supports only back and baby bump
  • Can become less effective around the end of pregnancy

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Product Specifications:

Product NameBoppy Side Sleeper
Brand Boppy
Items Weight1.7  pounds.
ColourGrey and white
Cover StyleZapper Cover
Cover MaterialSoft knit Jersey cover
Inner Fabric100% virgin polyester fibre
Outer Fabric
AvailabilityIn Stock
Rating⭐⭐⭐⭐ ☆  4.5 /5

Boppy Side Sleeper Pillow Review & Its Features

The ultimate goal of this pillow, as the name indicates, is to help a pregnant woman sleep on her side.

Doctors advise pregnant women to sleep on their left side as pregnancy advances. But, Women struggle with finding comfortable positions since the growing baby causes a strain on the lower back.

While you may not know which pillow works for you till you’ve tried them out; however, you can not go out and try them all. So we have tried and tested and come up with the Boppy side sleeper pillow review to help you make up your mind.

1.) Excellent Design:

The Boppy Side Sleeper Pillow comes in two different pillows and that you have to place in the cover, which is attached in the middle with a stretch panel that helps you adjust yourself even as you sleep between the two pillows, without them slipping away.

The stretch panel helps keep the pillows in position even as your baby bump grows. This is important for you to get a good night’s rest, to help you remain charged and ready to take on other daily ordeals.

Another great thing is that it provides just as great of comfort to postpartum symptoms of the body. It can be used long after the pregnancy has concluded, as a good comfort pillow.

The compact size allows you to carry it around with you to hospital waiting rooms. And less storage space and easy to wash are other aspects that make this pillow ideal for everyday use.

2.) Compact & Multipurpose

Imagine investing in a pregnancy pillow and still be able to use it long after the pregnancy is over, effectively? A boppy side sleeper pregnancy pillow is that type of great investment.

Whether you’re pregnant or not, if you suffer from a stiff back, back strain, or even backache, you can use this pillow to sleep and attain a comfortable sleeping experience.

You can put together a total of six different combinations of whatever part of the body you want support for. From head/neck support, back/belly support to hip/leg/ankle support.

It’s a great thing to know that a boppy side sleeper pregnancy pillow is there to help you sleep on your side and prevent you from sleeping on your back.

But pillows this comfortable must have more to offer than what we initially think of. It is always beneficial for you to know what else can you get out of a pregnancy pillow when you plan to invest in one.

a.) Support Back And Baby Bump:

When you’re pregnant, the pressure you feel comes from both directions. The baby is growing inside you and pushing your organs towards your back and from the outside as you lay down or sit.

This can cause a strain on your back, leading to being constantly in pain. But, a Boppy side sleeper pillow helps you keep your back and baby bump supported as you sleep.

It provides comfort but also helps reduce pain and strain on the back due to the weight of the growing baby and organs pushing down on the spine.

The front pillow keeps a good hold of the baby bump as well. The combination of front and back support provided by this pregnancy pillow helps unwind the muscles of the back and the abdomen.

b.) Support Head, Neck, And Shoulders:

Quite surprisingly, just when we thought this pillow could only be used for sitting up or sleeping, we discovered how comfortable the shape is if used as a neck pillow.

The boppy side sleeper pregnancy pillow can be used as a travelling pillow, and it could be great for long journeys where you just want to sleep through the travelling part and be comfortable too.

You could also just adjust this behind your neck; it’ll support your head region and shoulders. It helps you unwind as you work on your laptop or watch your favourite shows on Netflix.

c.) Support legs And Ankle:

The weight of the baby inside you can cause a strain on your legs too. Many pregnant women experience their ankles and feet swelling from edema.

They are advised to keep their legs placed at a 90 degrees angle to prevent pooling of fluid in the lower limbs. The Boppy side sleeper pillow can be used as a pillow for your feet or ankles while you watch TV or relax on a sofa.

You can also holster it between your legs or ankles to keep the pressure off of them.

3.) Extremely Comfortable

The first thing that catches your attention when you across this pregnancy pillow is how compact and simple it is.

It’s one thing to have a fancy design and customizability option. But its an entirely different thing when it comes to the quality of the support provided.

This boppy pregnancy pillow has a cover fabric made of Jersey with a soft plush exterior. Makes sleeping with it a breeze.

The filling is 100% soft polyester fibre which makes it soft enough to provide adequate support that your back and baby bump needs; that why we call it Chicco boppy bump and back support pillow.

Another thing that we liked was how soft and plush the cover is. It is stretchy in the middle too. This is an excellent feature since women of different body types can easily use it without any hassle.

Many women prefer large body-sized pillows to help them sleep better; however, there are a significant amount of women who do not find them useful nor comforting.

Some feel suffocated while others struggle with not having enough room for these pillows, especially when sleeping with partners.

For its cost, a Boppy side sleeper is an excellent choice for women who enjoy sleeping all snug and tight. It’s incredibly comfortable and can be used just effectively postpartum as well.

4.) Easy to Wash

Your daily changing and growing body produce a lot of sweat when you are sleeping.

To help you to keep it clean, a boppy pregnancy support pillow comes with a zipper cover that makes the whole cleaning process very easy as compared to the pregnancy pillow.

And other good news is, it’s machine washable. Just remove the cover, throw it in the machine, dry it, and put it back on the pillow quickly with zipper.

You can also wash the pillow in case you want. Throw in all the items in the machine, and it comes out clean as new.

I hope you found our Boppy Side Sleeper Pillow Review, informative and help you to make a valuable decision in your purchase.

The Bottom Line

Pregnancy pillows make resting in pregnancy easier.

However, the big body sized pregnancy pillows are not everyone’s cup of tea. Whether you’re low on budget, have limited storage or sleeping space, large pregnancy pillows may just not appear that appealing to you.

That’s when the specialized, designed explicitly for targeted parts of body pregnancy pillows come in.

This is ideal for supporting women who are advised to sleep on their side during pregnancy. Sleeping on your back for more extended periods while you’re pregnant can increase risks to not only the baby but the mother too.

Having a comfortable pregnancy pillow such as a boppy side sleeper pregnancy pillow can help you remain comfortable in the side sleeping position.

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