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The Bluestone Pregnancy Pillow is one of the best U shaped full body pregnancy pillows. Primarily known for HEAD to TOE support. The excellent contoured shape does well to rid you of every discomfort related to the pregnancy like fibromyalgia, sciatica, gastric reflux, ankle pain lower back pain, etc. The multiple configurations make it fit for every sleep in position, so you don’t need to flip the Pillow at night. This Pillow comes with a zipper cover, which is removable, which makes the cleaning process easy. These and many more features are in detail in this Bluestone Pregnancy Pillow Reviews, So read on!

  • Easy Of Use 90% 90%
  • Comfort 95% 95%
  • Maintenance 93% 93%
  • Price and Longevity 80% 80%


  • Full-body support
  • Protection against pregnancy discomforts
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Removable and washable pillow cover.
  • No memory foam; so no hot sleep
  • Top-quality materials
  • Diverse Sleeping Position Options


  • The product could get pretty flat.

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Product Specifications:

Product NameBluestone Pregnancy Pillow
Items Weight7.25 pounds.
Dimension60 x 38 x 7 inches
Cover Material100% Cotton Exterior Fabric
Inner Fabric100% Propylene & Polyester Fabric Fill.
Outer Fabric100% Cotton Exterior Fabric
AvailabilityIn Stock
Rating⭐⭐⭐⭐ ☆ 4.5/5

Bluestone Pregnancy Pillow Reviews & Its Features

At a point in my trimester, I began to have issues. My body took on this super visible change, and it seemed as though I had lost touch. I nursed aches in my various joints from time to time. I also found it hard to sleep as I was a restless sleeper.

All of these pains and stress went away immediately; my husband got me the Bluestone Pregnancy Pillow.

A Bluestone is a well-known brand in the world of pregnancy pillow. It gets a lot of reviews and has a 4.5/5 rating. But honestly, I would like to give it 5/5. Do you want to know, then just keep reading our Bluestone Pregnancy Pillow Reviews

1.) Full-Body Support Through Amazing Design:

The bluestone full-body Contour U Pillow comes in a design that supports the full body of pregnant women. Like Head, shoulder, pelvic, full back, belly, ankle, and foot.

For example, like the place, the Pillow between the legs can reduce the stress on the joints and increase the blood flow to reduce the pain.

It also uses to protects against fibromyalgia, sciatica, gastric reflux, ankle pain lower back pain, and other pregnancy discomforts.

The oversized Pillow is a conscious effort by the brand.

The size of the Pillow is 60 x 38 x 7 inches provides enough space for your body no matter the kind of change you experience in your trimester.

With this size, your entire body from your Head to your toe enjoys the support.

This Pillow also has an interior inner curve like an hourglass. This curve provides support to the pelvic and your back to position your joints properly.

The curve inserted within the Pillow is another crucial part of the product’s design. The design gears towards giving you that pregnancy comfort you need, especially at this critical point.

The product also helps you fight against the various discomforts associated with pregnancy. I discovered this while going through one of the Bluestone Pregnancy Pillow Reviews online.

2.) All-In-One Support for Sound Sleep:

You do not reposition the Pillow when you want to go to bed at night. This stress is absent due to the fantastic flexibility of the Pillow’s polyester fill.

So, when you want to go to bed at night, there is no need for frequent rearrangements.

This full-body Pillow also replaces the need for extra pillows.

The Bluestone Pregnancy Pillow also saves you from the restless toss and turns while at sleep.

So for a restless sleeper like myself, this is the bed for you.

All of these provisions save you from needless stress. Just go straight and get some sound sleep.

3.) No Need to Reposition:

The Bluestone Pregnancy Pillow perfectly fits with your body when you sleep, which means you don’t need to flip PillowPillow at night.

Just assume, how difficult is it to flip the Pillow at night when you are pregnant, that kind of problem you’ll now face in bluestone pillow.

And the things I love in this Pillow is even with the large size, then Pillow has just 7.2 pounds in weight, which means easy to move at any time.

When you lay on your Pillow for the night, you do not have to worry about your sleeping position.

The Bluestone Full-body Pregnancy Pillow can fit into any sleep in position. You can make it out into any area you prefer.

So, whether you sleep on your sides, your back, your sides, or your belly, this Pillow will fit in perfectly.

It does not matter what are you doing in the day, either you are Reading? Relaxing? Enjoying breakfast, this Pillow still works just fine. And if you only want to relax and watch TV, you can always use the pad.

4.) High-Quality Fabric & Durability

The Bluestone Pregnancy Pillow contains in high amount, Hypoallergenic material, which means you will not face any skin allergy or irritation with this product.

The inner filling contains Polyester Hollow Fiber, and the Outer Cover is 100% silk cotton. All these things make the Pillow a cool place, which means you don’t need to worry about sweating or sleeping hot at night during pregnancy.

The brand places enough importance on the materials used for production. They believe it is their best shot at a durable product.

The bluestone full-body contour you pillow cover comes in Zippered style, which means easy to remove and easy to put back. These things make the cleaning process easy.

And the good thing is, its a Machine Washable. So, while the Pillow helps you to preserve the Pillow fresh and neat look

Bluestone has made it clear that there is a link between the quality of the materials used and the durability.

A product will only be durable if the materials used for production are of good quality.

This belief is the idea behind the use of the best propylene and polyester material for the Pillow’s fabric fill.

And the use of 100% silk cotton for the cover and the outer fabric.

Ensure you get the original product. And that you do not buy from sellers, they are not authorized.

That is the only way you can get the best.

I hope you like our Bluestone Pregnancy Pillow Reviews and find this article informative and helpful to make a valuable decision.

The Bottom Line

I have discovered after my third pregnancy, something pretty much impressive. The stress of the months of pregnancy for any woman is not one to be ignored.

You need as much support as you can get. If you can, therefore, get as much help as you can, please do! A pillow like the Coozly Pregnancy Pillow is perfect to suit the needs of pregnant women. It provides every necessary support.

The different parts of the pregnancy pillow provide enough contour support for the different parts of your body.

The back end of this product will give your spine enough contour support. This support reduces the risk of you having backache significantly.

The other point of the bed gives support to your lower body. All you have to do is simple. Ensure that the pillow is not too loose. This firmness will ensure that the pillow cushion support is perfect.

So what are you waiting for click the below link to get it from our verified seller with manufacture warranty.

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